By  Individual  Approach  we  Educate  everyone....!

Welshire business school is a unique organization providing international training in professional education in the field of creative management contemporary etiquette and various skill development programs. We provide World Wide personal and skill development training, executive education to international clientele of all ages. Through our continued work with only the best of tutors, partners and service providers. We are able to provide excellent training and unparalleled service to a discerning clientele.

Welshire Business School is a unique India based Organization with associated offices in Maharashtra (Pune), Chhattisgarh (Raipur), Madhya Pradesh (Indore) and Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE)

Achievements & Recognitions

Our Focus

  • Professional Education

    Customized programs which are tailored for and offered to aspiring business executives, functional managers and business leaders who wish to brush up on much social skills, new knowledge and attitude.

  • Finishing School

    Create a bank of capable hands who can be directly absorbed to Aireline and BPO industry. These programs tend to focus on improving specific leadership skills such as persuasion, negotiation, team building and communication.

  • Diploma & Skill Development

    Our economical international twinning diploma program in logistics and hospitality management from Singapore and Germany ensuring a global career opportunity. To fulfill the growing need for skilled man power and narrow the existing gap between demand and supply of skills. It is targeted to make the youth more employable.

  • Executive MBA

    A fill-gap for those who were compelled to discontinue higher studies but wanted to step back once again for further education. The sole purpose of enrollment is to earn a strategic MBA career.